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This site is getting pretty old now, but was created and is maintained solely by Chris Horn, a graduate of Brown University. I majored (concentrated) in economics, and graduated with a B.A. in May of 2001.

Right now I'm working at the RAND Corporation and am planning on heading off to pursue an MBA in the fall of 2005.

Some hobbies of mine include mountain biking, woodworking, music and computers. Although I haven't really played the piano since freshman year (of Brown), I kept up with the French horn in the orchestra at Brown. I was third chair, and quite content with that. On the listening side of music, I like most everything, but am particulary fond of classical stuff, jazz (nothing too abstract), trance, ambient, stuff with some funk and classic rock.

But enough about me - you should be on over looking at the case I built...
I'd like to thank the following for helping make this site possible:

­ Jesse Kercheval and his boss, for requesting and granting (respectively) permission to use Brown University Graphic Services' color negative scanner.

­ My family (Ed, Erica and Matt), girlfriend (Jenny) and friends, for proofreading and providing good feedback.

­ All the free (as in beer) tools for Linux I used to create everything you see (vim, XEmacs, GIMP, XV, XMMS, etc.)

For contact information, please visit the for sale page.